Why Your Candidate Vanished…

Why Your Candidate Vanished…

You have advertised a teaching vacancy, your online data and agency feedback shows a good level of page views… but somehow the application forms are not appearing. Or worse, your school recruitment campaign attracts applications, but by the time you call them to arrange an interview the candidates have disappeared leaving you to duplicate your efforts but with less time and a dwindling talent pool.


Around 60% of all job application forms started online ‘drop off’, with the teaching industry's candidate experience thought to be one of the most onerous. So what are the main causes of candidates mysteriously vanishing...


… before filling in the application form

These people saw your advert but did not complete and submit the form.  Ask yourself: how easy is it to open your application form online or on a mobile, save half then return to it later?  Many school heads have not tried applying to their own vacancy advert. Try accessing the form yourself and find where candidates could become frustrated and wander off.  If you really need a full application form from everyone, make it brief and electronic. 


In this age it is shocking that some schools still ask candidates to click on a link then download a form and physically print it (or phone to request it by post!) which can take days. Even the keenest candidates will get distracted and disappear.


… after sending in an application form

A completed application form arriving may be the start of the process for you but for the candidate your relationship started a full week previous, so they are keen to hear from you quickly.


If you are finding that candidates have vanished by the time you call them back, you need to invest in the rapport-building process at this early stage. An automatic email acknowledges that the technology has worked or a personalised email or call begins the dialogue and sews the seed of loyalty that says ‘we are excited to see if we might suit each other, let’s give it that chance before you go elsewhere’.


…after the interview or offer

If your candidate disappears after the interview, it indicates they learned a game changing piece of information at the interview.


Disclose what you can in advance and encourage pre-visits which are hosted by a teaching staff member qualified to respond to high-level curriculum, leadership and marking culture questions.


Honestly scrutinise your interview questions and the candidate experience. How does your interview process demonstrate you value their time as much as yours? Avoid over-booking single days with lesson auditions which could lead to each candidate’s opportunity being cut short when they are still expected to stay an extra hour for psychometric testing.


How can we help?

School Recruiter provides your school with bespoke online digital application forms for a streamlined candidate-centric application process. The software allows integrated and automated email communications through school recruiter to all candidates, at key trigger points in the recruitment journey. The bespoke hiring pipeline tool allows you to move candidates through the stages and streamline the recruitment process from start to finish.


It also includes reporting and data analytic tools that provide comprehensive information to highlight where your best candidates are sourced from.



Why not… approach recruitment from a different direction, and see what you’re missing?  For a commitment-free quotation and FREE live demonstration, click here.


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